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Vocal Tune-Up

Would you like to sing higher notes? Are you hurting your throat? Sounds like you need a Tune-Up. Schedule a FREE Strategy Call and let me guide you through a few strategies to repair your vocal trouble and get you back on the road and in great shape.

New Vocal Style

Would you like to try something new? Perhaps its time to explore singing Jazz, Pop, Musical Theater, Country or Operetta? Would you like to master a vibrato? Schedule a FREE Strategy Call to discuss expanding your singing into new genres.

Audition Prep

Would you be interested in taking the luck out of your next audition? Your next audition might be a life changing opportunity. This time lets be ready. Schedule a FREE Strategy Call and we can put together a strategy to get it down and insure your success.

Stage Fright!

How much fun are you having on stage? Are you afraid, not having any fun? Would you like to learn how to begin enjoying yourself more? Schedule a FREE Strategy call and let's replace worry and fear with pleasure, excitement and playfulness today.

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Dr. Joe Vitale

Star of The Movie 'The Secret'

"I Love Guy Monroe! I think he is a wizard! He is a wizard of words, songs and emotions, and he is taking me to whole new levels of possibilities. Thanks to Guy, I'm coming out with my own music CD's. I'll be singing on stage all because of Guy Monroe."

- Dr. Joe Vitale



Bart Arnold


Dir. of In'l Sales

"I have the responsibility of the global marketing and sales for the second largest computer manufacturer in the world. Out of the blue, I developed stage fright and ANXIETY. With Guy's help, now I can LOOK FOR inspiration and engage in activities.``

- Bart Arnold


Bob Doyle

Star of The Movie 'The Secret'

Guy gave me not only confidence to sing higher than I EVER have before, but also made it FUN to hit the HIGH NOTES. Guy's true GIFT is to take the EXPRESSION that is within me and bring it out through song. Thanks to Guy I have new singing confidence." - Bob Doyle


Lola Jones

Author of Divine Openings

"I'm Lola Jones, author, teacher and singer. I want to highly recommend that you work with Guy Monroe if you want to develop your singing ability. My voice is so strong that I am recording and selling my own CD's. Guy showed me how to create the I sound I wanted." - Lola Jones

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I fully support your desires to move forward and experience success. This program was designed to get you over any shyness, vocal limitation, anxiety or stage fright issues. It is my intention to help you discover what you are really capable of. With amazing support your forward movement is assured. You will be able to sing in ways you never thought possible.

"Anything is possible when we ask the right questions and invest the amount of time needed to create the desired change. Now... is the time to break free of past vocal limitations, anxiety, stage fright or lack of confidence that may have been holding you back all these years. .” - Guy Monroe Lietzman

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