New Method Launch 🚀 Your Voice to Greater Heights!

Learn to Sing Better in 1 Single Day!

even if you are a beginner & don't have any previous experience.

I've spent the last 20 years coaching singers ALL over the world to improve their voice.

Here are the First 8 Big Steps of Singing YOU need to master before singing your next song.

You will learn…

New Techniques that are so simple, that you can begin applying them in 1 Single Day!

Master Your Breath and Command the stage with new, never thought possible levels of breath control!

Perfect Your Passion Producing rich, resonant tones that captivate listeners!

Master Your Groove, gliding through vocal runs and phrases with the agility of a seasoned performer!

Effortlessly hit those high notes with precision and confidence, leaving your audience breathless! And So Much more...!

New Method Launch 🚀 Your Voice to Greater Heights!

Learn to Sing Better in 1 Single Day!

even if you are a beginner & don't have any previous experience.

I've spent the last 20 years coaching singers ALL over the world to improve their voice.

Here are the First 8 Big Steps of Singing YOU need to master before singing your next song.


You will learn…

  • New Techniques that are so simple, that you can begin applying them in 1 Single Day!
  • Master Your Breath and Command the stage with new, never thought possible levels of breath control!
  • Unleash Your Perfect Vocal Tone Producing rich, resonant tones that captivate listeners!
  • Effortlessly hit those high notes with precision and confidence, leaving your audience breathless!
  • Unlock Your Vocal Agility, and glide through vocal runs and melodic phrases with the agility of a seasoned performer!

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Hi, I'm Guy Monroe,

The Charisma Coach


Welcome! I have prepared so many people for X-Factor, The Voice and tedX. Now I will show you how to use your imagination, generosity and beautiful voice as well, to overcome any social concerns. You will learn the same self-inspiration techniques used by the greatest singers in the world to inspire and charm their audiences.

At our best, your potential is not merely about putting on a 'show', and 'entertaining' for others' but rather an opportunity to express yourself intimately, explore your dreams, heart, feelings and emotions with bravery in the moment.

Going deep, seeking out meaning with fresh new eyes every time you sing a song. Sharing your discoveries with the audience from a fresh place of understanding.

- Guy Monroe, The Charisma Coach

"Sing Better in 1 Day Gives You 8 Secrets of the Greatest Singers In The World. "

Thousands of Students have Launched their Greatness in My Studio. Are you The Next One?

In the next few minutes, I’ll unveil the 8 powerful secrets that the world’s greatest singers swear by—Secrets you must master... before you dare to sing another note.

I'm not talking about advice you can find anywhere else on YouTube... These are techniques I've designed myself. Techniques which will simplify and speed up your ability to FINALLY create the sound you've ALWAYS dreamed of.

Because UNFORTUNATELY much of the training ADVISE that's out there has been handed down from other teachers who share exercises which many new teachers don't fully understand...


EVERY Student over the past 20 Years Has BENIFITTED from The Methods Used in My Studio. Are you Next?

The 8 Secrets of Greatest Singers has taken me 20 years but you can get it ALL today!

The 8 Secrets of Greatest Singers combines everything you need. Get this right now!

This program combines tested theory with practical application so you can BE HIGHLY SKILLED and HAVE FUN!

Here are the 8 Secrets of The Greatest Singers!


1. "Can You Do The Placement Check Test Like Adele or Johnny Cash?"

"A Quick Check For Correct Placement..."

"Years ago I didn't have a starting place to confirm my tone color and amount of resonance."

"I needed to develop a quick placement check I could do in the wings just before walking on stage that qas quicker than a warm-up proceedure."

"The color of my voice, the tone, the resonance sometimes had inconsistent variations. I needed to discover a way to perfect my entrance with a simple 'humm' as used by studio recording stars"

"You need to learn this technique of assembling all all the elements which create tone perfection."

"A simple way of testing your torso lift, pressurization, mouth cavern, tone warmth, mouth space, skull destination for resonance . Combining these elements into a test will ensure a rich vocal entrance when you begin your phrase."


"I Discovered The Placement Check! "

"By observing what stars do sometimes on camera just before entering a phrase a recording star may create a buzzy 'humm 'to test the quality of placement, tone color, pressurization lift, pitch attack, and intensity of resonance just before singing.

"I experimented and created a version of their 'placement check' by creating a sensation that conforms resonance. placement, 'the buzz', mouth resonantor shape 'warmth' is correct and torso pressure is on target."


  • Warmth of Tone is Accurate
  • Resonance Intensity is Accurate
  • Enhanced dynamic control
  • Reduce vocal fatigue
  • Torso pressure is accurate
  • Balance of intensity and tone
  • Achieve smoother phrasing
  • Passion level sounds correct
  • Placement in face is correct
  • Brightness is correct


2. "Is Finding the Right Pitch a Guessing Game of Chance for You?"

"My Pitch was Hit or Miss!..."

"I dreamt of sounding beautiful like the greatest singing pop stars on the radio, hitting every note with ease and passion. I wanted to tun heads and be great too."

"But every time I tried, it felt like a game of chance—sometimes I nailed the pitch, other times I missed it entirely. It was frustrating and disheartening."

"One day, after another off-key performance, I realized I needed to figure out how these stars did it. I started by focusing on pitch. I couldn't always find the pitch, and when I did, it was hit or miss."


"I Discovered The Secret of Pitch Control! "

"I began experimenting with different techniques, listening closely to my favorite singers, and practicing relentlessly.

"Eventually, I discovered the secret to consistently finding the right pitch: Pitch Control. This transformed my singing, allowing me to hit the correct notes every time with confidence.

"You need to learn this because consistent pitch is the foundation of great singing. Here you will learn how to always hit the right notes. Let me show you."


  • Consistently hit the correct notes
  • Enhance musical accuracy
  • Increase vocal confidence
  • Improve overall sound quality
  • Avoid off-key performances
  • Strengthen ear training
  • Develop a professional sound
  • Minimize vocal strain
  • Improve harmony in group singing
  • Build a strong vocal foundation


3. "Do You Run Out of Breath while Trying to Sustain Very Long Notes?"

"I Wanted to Control My Breath..."

"But there was more to it. I ran out of breath when I sang, unable to hold notes like the stars."

" I would gasp for air, ruining my performances."

"Determined to fix this, I studied various breathing techniques and experimented until I found what worked."

"I learned how to control my breath, allowing me to hold long notes effortlessly."

"This breakthrough, which I call Breath Conservation, gave my voice the stamina it needed. "

"You need to learn this because breath control is crucial for sustaining notes and long phrases."

"Learn two simple tricks to fill lungs super quick and conserve air when singing."


"I Learned How to Control My Breath! "

"You will know how to maximize air intake, get the air into your body quicker, and how to relax when breathing."

"It will immediately became easier to fill up completely with air, put the captured air under pressure, and release air much slower than you ever could before."

"You need to learn this because quicker intake means quicker transitions, more relaxation and longer phrases."


  • Sustain long notes with ease
  • Improve vocal endurance
  • Enhance dynamic control
  • Reduce vocal fatigue
  • Increase lung capacity
  • Reduce Neck Tension
  • Achieve smoother phrasing
  • Control vocal volume better
  • Support powerful performances
  • Enhance overall vocal health


4. "Passionate Sounding When I Directed My Voice Into the 'Echo Chamber'!"

"My Favorite Singers Sound Passionate..."

"I noticed that my favorite singers sound passionate and truthful on every note, but I only sounded passionate when I yelled.

"My softer notes lacked emotion and fell flat.."

"After much trial and error, I discovered the Secrets of The Skull, its resonance and amplification "

"A new technique that brought passion to my sound even when I sang quietly."

"This allowed me to convey the sounds of deep emotion all the time.."

"A rich echo appeared like the hollow body of the guitar creating, richness and fullness."


"I Discovered The Sound of Passion & Power! "

" You need the sound of passion, intensity, and truth to amaze yourself and your audience."

" This is the celebrity sound, the 'Holy Grail' sought out by every great singer."

" The sound of passion, intensity, truth, will make you sound extraordinary!"

"Sounding passionate will give you confidence and authority."

"People will say you are great, they wil feel your depth and passion."

"Now you can focus on the artistry of your performance, using your voice to convey deep emotions."


  • Convey emotion in every note
  • Balance vocal registers
  • Achieve a consistent tone
  • Enhance vocal expressiveness
  • Improve vocal resonance
  • Connect with your audience deeply
  • Smooth transitions between registers
  • Add warmth to your voice
  • Avoid vocal breaks
  • Expand your vocal versatility


5. "Can You Create Smooth Phrasing

When You Sing?"

"My Singing was abrupt, Not Smooth..."

"My inability to create smooth, musical singing phrases was a source of constant frustration.

"Instead of producing a fluid, cohesive sound, my performances were marred by abrupt, choppy transitions that disrupted the flow of my music.

"As a result, my singing sounded disjointed and amateurish. I had to discover a new approach.

"I struggled and finally discovered way to solve this problem and now I can share it with you."


"I Discovered The Secret of Smooth Phrasing! "

"I began experimenting with different techniques, and found that I was ignorant of the importance of vowel sounds in creating smoothness and musicality."

"The more I played around with the musical elements of speech the more I discovered the direct relationship between pitch accuracy through vowel emphasis."

" I discovered the more I emphasized vowels, the smoother my phrasing became. "

"Beyond technical proficiency; vowel emphasis also greatly enhances the emotional impact of a performance and the understanability of words."


  • Smooth, fluid phrasing
  • Improved vocal tone quality
  • Enhanced diction and clarity
  • Achieve a more musical sound
  • Break the Choppy Singing Habit
  • Strengthen vowel articulation
  • Increase vocal fluidity
  • Add warmth to your voice
  • Improve overall vocal technique
  • Create a more professional sound


6. "Is Your Vocal Timing in 'The Groove'

When You Sing?"

"My Vocal Timing Was 'Hit or Miss'..."

"My timing was another challenge. The greatest singers had impeccable timing, creating a perfect groove."

"My timing was hit or miss, making it hard to keep the beat. I didn't know why."

"After studying the techniques of my idols, I discovered that groove and rhythm happen on the vowel sounds. ."

"Developing a keen vowel awareness, I learned to keep perfect timing, adding a professional polish to my performances.."


"I Discovered The Secret To The Groove!"

"I began experimenting with different techniques, listening closely and discovered that great singers used long and short vowels to achieve their perfect vocal timing."

"By mastering 'The Groove" using vowel sounds, any singer can ensure that their voice aligns precisely with the desired beat and flow of the music.

"When a singer's vowel timing is off, the entire performance can feel disjointed and out of sync, undermining the musical integrity of the song."


  • Perfect timing and rhythm
  • Improve musicality
  • Enhance vocal flexibility
  • Achieve smoother runs and riffs
  • Strengthen vocal control
  • Add variety to your singing
  • Increase vocal precision
  • Improve breath support
  • Make performances more dynamic
  • Expand your vocal repertoire


7. "Can you Hit The Desired High Note?"

"Recording Stars Taught Me Their Secret..."

"High notes were particularly difficult. I was amazed at how effortlessly the stars hit those high notes, while my attempts left my throat sore."

"I could only manage a weak falsetto or a painful yell."

"Somestimes I would hit a high note perfectly at one moment, only to find it completely out of reach the next time I tried."

"Often tightness in my throat, tension in my neck and shoulders, even pain in my vocal cords occured as I would struggle to produce high notes.

"I knew that his discomfort not only affected my ability to sing the note but also could potentially create serious damage to my vocal health if not addressed properly."

"After studying recording stars I discovered they went in another direction which guaranteed they could hit the note and sounded passionate at the same time.


"I Discovered The Secret To High Notes! "

"I noticed that successful recording stars never yelled. This is because the higher the pitch, the smaller the opening which would only create pain if loud.

"I discovered what I was doing wrong. I was trying to sound passionate from being loud which hurt.

"What they did instead was, they divided the high note labor into two objectives. First hit the Pitch and then add the amount of passionate tone they desired.

"I'm a Baritone. When I mastered this skill, from that moment forward I could easily sing in the Tenor range.


  • Hit high notes effortlessly
  • Avoid vocal strain
  • Expand your vocal range
  • Improve vocal power
  • Add dramatic flair to performances
  • Achieve a strong head voice
  • Strengthen vocal confidence
  • Enhance vocal resonance
  • Increase vocal versatility
  • Perform challenging songs


8. "Are You a Visual Story Teller or Feel

Non-Expressive On Stage?"

"I was Non-Expressive Are You?..."

"Despite having a strong technical foundation, I was a singer who struggled to project the emotions of a song through my body movement, facial expressions and gestures."

"I always thought that expressiveness should occur as a natural outcome of learning a song. I was wrong.."

"The frustration of knowing that my performances lacked the expressive depth it deserved weighed heavily on me as a singer, undermining my confidence and overall stage presence.."


"I Discovered The Secret:

Visual Story Telling! "

"I Discovered that story telling gestures would never appear organically because I was only training myself to master the vocal elements of the song."

"Over time, I began exploring the stage, asking if the audience was deaf, could they understand the story?

"Learning how to become visual when singing will take your involvement in your songs to a more satisfying level. Let me show you how."


  • Captivate your audience
  • Enhance stage presence
  • Improve expressiveness
  • Tell a story with your performance
  • Engage your audience emotionally
  • Add depth to your performances
  • Boost your confidence on stage
  • Create memorable performances
  • Use body language effectively
  • Convey emotions through gestures


Sing Better in 1 Day

When You Master the

8 Singing Elements.

You will Be Ready!

Sing Better in 1 Day


Sing Better in 1 Day: The Ultimate, Proven Course to Transform Your Singing

Are you ready to jumpstart your singing journey and see incredible results within just one day?"

"Look no further than Sing Better in 1 Day, the complete, most advanced, and proven singing course designed to guide you step-by-step through mastering The 8 Secrets Of Master Singers —the most valuable singing techniques available."

"Each element builds upon the last, ensuring a comprehensive and transformative learning experience that will revolutionize your vocal abilities."

1. The Placement Check: The journey begins with 'The Placement Check,' a foundational step to ensure your vocal characteristics are in place.

"This critical first step sets the stage for developing a consistent and powerful singing voice by establishing proper vocal placement and resonance."

2. Consistent Pitch: Next, you'll delve into the techniques for locating and sustaining pitch consistently. "

"Understanding how to control pitch is essential for maintaining harmony and delivering accurate performances every time you sing."

3. Breath Control: With pitch under control, you'll then master 'Breath Control,' a vital skill for maintaining sound quality, especially when singing higher notes."

"Effective breath control allows for longer phrases and more dynamic vocal performances without strain."

4. The Sound of Passion: Adding emotion to your music is key, and with 'The Sound of Passion,' you'll learn how to infuse your singing phrases with genuine feeling."

"This element teaches you how to convey the emotions of a song powerfully and authentically."

5. Smooth Phrasing: To create seamless musical expressions, you'll work on 'Smooth Phrasing.'

"This technique helps you connect vowels, pitches, and de-emphasize consonants, resulting in fluid and engaging vocal lines."

6. The Groove: Understanding rhythm and timing is crucial, which is why you'll discover 'The Groove.'

"This element focuses on treating vowels as musical moments and rhythmic elements, enhancing your timing and making your performances more captivating."

7. Hitting Higher Notes: One of the most challenging aspects of singing is reaching higher notes. You'll learn how to locate and 'Hit Higher Notes' with greater intensity and clarity than ever before."

"This technique will expand your vocal range and help you discover your true voice.

8. Visual Storytelling: Finally, you'll unlock the secret to becoming a 'Visual Storyteller.'

"By adding gestures and movements to your performances, you'll bring your songs to life, engaging your audience visually and emotionally.

Benefits of Mastering the 8 Elements:

  • Improved vocal placement and resonance
  • Consistent and accurate pitch control
  • Enhanced breath control for sustained singing
  • Emotional expression through vocal techniques
  • Seamless and fluid musical phrasing
  • Rhythmic precision and dynamic timing
  • Expanded vocal range with clear high notes
  • Engaging visual storytelling on stage
  • Increased vocal stamina and reduced strain
  • Overall professional-quality singing performances

With Sing Better in 1 Day, you'll gain the skills and confidence needed to transform your singing instantly.

"Each lesson is meticulously designed to help you progress rapidly and achieve remarkable results, making this course the ultimate tool for any aspiring singer."

"Get ready to sing better and impress your audience like never before!"

Sing Better in 1 Day

Master the Art of Singing:

• Energize Your Voice with My Favorite Warm-Up Routine: Say goodbye to vocal fatigue and hello to effortless, dynamic singing.

This routine is designed to get you in peak condition, ready to rock every performance with ease and confidence.

• Supercharge Your Lower Range with the 5-Tone Scale Exercise: Enhance the power and robustness of your lower range by increasing blood flow to your vocal cords.

"Build a solid foundation for your vocal prowess with this effective technique."

• Strengthen Your Upper Register with the Octave Arpeggio Scale: Inspired by legends like Lady Gaga and Freddie Mercury, this exercise will stretch and strengthen your upper range, helping you hit those high notes with command and clarity.

• Quickly Warm Up Your Entire Range with Humming: Use this innovative exercise to hum the words of your song on pitch, bypassing traditional methods for a quick and effective warm-up that prepares you for any performance.

• Transform Your Vocal Delivery with the Game-Changing Torso Lift: Unlock your voice with minimal resistance by implementing this simple yet transformative tip. See immediate improvements in your ability to hit high and low notes effortlessly.

• Fix the #1 Breathing Mistake Singers Make: Most singers inhale incorrectly, leading to breathiness and strain. Learn a straightforward process to enhance your breath control, volume, and power, ensuring you never run out of breath mid-phrase.

• Build Endurance with Essential Breathing Exercises: Master the only breathing exercises you'll ever need to develop breath control, conservation, and capacity, giving you the strength required for any singing challenge.

• Add Passion to Your Voice Without Yelling: Discover a simple, century-old technique to infuse your singing with emotion and intensity without straining your vocal cords. Support your high notes and sing passionately and safely.

• Achieve a Full, Powerful Sound with This Amazing Exercise: Transform a light or breathy tone into a full-bodied voice that stands out in the recording studio and on stage. Enhance your vocal quality, strength, and control with this exercise.

• Hit High Notes with a Rich, Resonant Tone: Use this super buzzy, fun exercise to unlock the potential of your voice, achieving a captivating and impressive sound that resonates with listeners.

• Conquer High Notes with Confidence: Learn the techniques used by stars like Adele, Lady Gaga, and Jason Mraz to perform powerful high notes with clarity and confidence, no matter the venue or audience size.

• Maintain Clear Vocal Tone Across All Pitches: Ensure your vocal tone remains strong and appealing, regardless of the pitch.

"This crucial skill will keep your voice consistent and clear throughout your entire range."

• Become a Visual Story Teller : Say goodbye to standing motionless and expressiveless on stage or in front of the camera.

"With the simple techniques I will teach you, your gestures, facial expressions and movement will come to life!

• Effortlessly Hit High Notes with an Unconventional Technique: Overcome strain and squeaking with this powerful exercise designed for smooth, effortless high notes. Reach new heights in your vocal performance with ease.

• Overcome Common Vocal Sabotages: Identify and eliminate the bad habits that hinder your singing success.

"Make better vocal choices and unlock your true potential as a singer, ensuring a smooth and rewarding path to success."

Wow! Just a Sampling of Benefits!

Sincerely, this is just a taste of the true benefits derived from this program. There’s so much more waiting for you inside 'Sing Better in 1 Day', and only those truly dedicated to improving their voice will discover it all.

Sincerely, this is just a taste of the true benefits derived from this program.

There’s so much more waiting for you inside Sing Better in ! Day, and only those truly dedicated to improving their voice will discover it all.

'Sing Better in 1 Day' is the ultimate singing course that can transport your vocals to a new level a in just 1 day.

These are not merely exercises, but a totally comprehensive, new approach to the singing art.

This program will open your eyes to a new way of approaching your voice with any easier more practical approach not found anywhere else, creating fast results that will astonish you.

This is a completely NEW approach to singing, already followed by so many students who have experienced INSTANT improvement in their vocal ability, creating changes the moment a technique is applied.

From experience, I know that this course will create new habits, and a totally new approach to you singing that will create immediate relief, instant improvements and most importantly, deliver the control you have been seeking your entire singing life.

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No Refunds, Only Results:

The Aristotle Guarantee

Sing Better in 1 Day is committed to Serious Singers only.

If you’re a casual aspiring singer who isn’t fully dedicated to expanding your vocal range and mastering passionate high notes, then it’s understandable to inquire about a refund policy.

However, we don't provide refunds because the only reason you wouldn’t want to keep this course is if you didn’t put it to use.

if you’re not planning to use this course, do not order.

Think of Aristotle, the great philosopher, who once said, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." This profound insight resonates deeply with our philosophy.

If you are committed and ready to dedicate yourself, prepare for the adventure of a lifetime. Transformative changes await the individual who practices, and develops an unwavering dedication to excellence.

What People Think

"I used to avoid certain songs because I couldn't hit the low notes without my voice sounding gravelly. It was incredibly limiting. Your vowel techniques provided a solution that was not only quick but also highly effective. In no time, my singing voice became rich and smooth. This course is a game-changer!"

Marissa New Haven - Singer

"Timing and rhythm were always my weak points. I often felt off-beat and it affected my confidence. The techniques in Sing Better 1 Day are a revelation. They are so easy to grasp and implement. Within a week, my timing improved drastically, and I felt like a whole new singer. It's amazing how fast the progress was!"

Stephan Vanochek - Guitar Soloist

"I felt like my voice lacked passion and emotion, no matter how hard I tried. It was frustrating because I wanted my performances to connect with the audience. You taught me how to add passion to my singing without straining. The results were immediate and dramatic. Now, my performances are filled with emotion. This program is simply incredible!"

Mary Chen - Singer / Violinist

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