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Welcome! Guy will show you how to use your imagination and beautiful voice to overcome social anxiety when presenting by teaching you how to pull yourself into each moment using the same self-inspiration techniques that the greatest speakers and singers in the world use to inspire themselves in order to inspire their audiences.

This is achieved by combining your 'Agenda' : A scripted pitch, a story, a song or poem with 'Playfulness' : An innocent, childlike, and enthusiatic approach you use to fuel your imagination while applying 'Amusement Activities' to pull yourself deeply into every aspect of every moment, selling yourself on the greatness of the current element of your story, creating authentic, useful emotions to increase your faith in order to build the faith and interest of your audience.

Having a social offering creates a strong relationship with ourselves. The desire of every human is to establish and maintain iron-clad connections. We begin with ourselves. Going within, self-love, self kindness, self-acceptance is required to come home to connection. Developing a social offering requires going within, exploring, feeling our feelings, addressing our pain, our own needs, and embracing our pain totally so we can come home and feel good in our own skin.

It can be, but at its best, it's potential is not about putting on a 'show', 'entertaining' or merely 'performing' for others' but rather an opportunity to explore ideas, our own hearts, feelings and emotions with bravery in the moment. By doing this we lead by example, potentially teaching others how to do the same, to be brave, be honest, how to connect and enjoy every moment, to go deep, discover and explore 'the self' seeking out a meaning within, with fresh new eyes every time and share these discoveries with others from an authentically fresh place of innocence.

Every moment of the song, poem or speech, teaches others how to do the same, from our example, we bring hope, healing and inspiration to everyone witnessing our act of bravery, generosity, kindness, caring and love. The love we seek reflected from others can be found within. Welcome! Many blessings. - Guy Monroe, The Charisma Coach

Social Confidence :

The Agenda & Playfulness

Learn How to Easily Inspire Yourself and Get The Admiration You Deserve


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