Frequently Asked Questions for Guy Monroe Voice :

Frequently asked questions

How do I get in touch with Guy?

You can fill out the question form at Here is the link : Go there and send a message.

Cannot find the answer?

If you cannot find an answer here, please submit your question to us by going to Go there and send a message.

Do you offer refunds?

No we do not offer refunds. Please do not buy to try. If you have any questions about a program, please ask the question here if yuo have any doubts the program is for you. Here is the link : Go there and send a message.

I need to change my appointment. Can I reschedule?

Yes. Whenever you need to change a time, Step 1 : Open the Calendly confirmation email you received. Step 2 : Press the link near bottom of email to change the appointment to desired new day and time or choose same day and select a different desired time. Inother words, to reschedule a meeting, open the Calendly confirmation email, scroll to near the bottom of the page and click the reschedule link. You will be taken to the Calendly page where you can choose another day and time.

What is your email?
I signed up for a Video Course. Where did the email go?

If nothing has arrived in your inbox, please look in your junk mail folder. If in junk mail folder, please move to your inbox and 'whitelist' future emails by adding us to your contact list to insure future emails get through and don't not wind up in junk mail.