Discover How to Sing Beautifully

and Sound More Passionate

Overcome vocal challenges | Sound More Beautiful | Become a Passionate Singer

Simple Techniques To Improve Your Singing Voice in less than a month!

Here are simple strategies to insure your voice sounds more musical, beautiful and passionate when singing:


Beauty is being on pitch all the time. This is possible if you emphasize vowels by hgetting to your first vowel sound as quickly as possible, then go to your next vowel and stay with your vowel as long as you can.

The Beast

Beast is the sound of passion that occurs when vowel sounds are directed into the sinus creating overtones and undertones. This is the sound of truth and amplifies your voice as well.

Vowel Emphasis

Vowels are the vehicle of pitch, passion and Groove. Honor your vowels and you will sound beautiful, passionate and groovy.

The Groove

The Groove is created using vowels not consonants. Consonants are obstructions. Vowel;s are musical. Create a groovy rhythm by changing the timi9ng of your vowels.